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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm such a sucker!

I blame it on my friend Kama.

I ran into Kama when I was out for dinner the other night. She was wearing these awesome full-length army pants. Of course I asked her where she bought them. She said, "Aritzia."

"Did you get them recently, or are they from last year?' I asked, because there's nothing worse than complimenting someone on something they're wearing only to find out they bought it in 1988. Or in Paris.

"I just got them this week," she told me.

So, of course, I took The Dictator with me to Aritzia the very next evening because I was salivating to get the pants. Sure enough, they had one pair of the army pants left - exactly in my size! Yippee! Life was so good!

Until it wasn't. I also saw this yellow Wonder Woman t-shirt I loved, that I was going to buy. Then the Dictator said, "Me want Wonder Woman shirt! Me want Wonder Woman! Me want Wonder Woman shirt!"

So, because I'm such a sucker, I picked up a size small black Wonder Woman shirt, along with my yellow one, and said I'd buy it for her. But no. Oh no. That wasn't good enough for The Dictator. She wanted to wear it RIGHT NOW.

Because I'm a such a sucker, I ripped off the price tag and tried to put it on over her shirt. But no. Oh no. She made me take off the shirt and undershirt she was wearing, in the middle of the store, and put on the Wonder Woman shirt, which reached down to her ankles.

Ok, yes, you might think that I'm spoiling her. And I guess I am.

The problem was that a saleslady recognized me, when I walked in, saying, "Hey, are you Rebecca Eckler?" I regretted saying I was, because that meant I couldn't be mean to my child or have her having a friggen temper tantrum, because what if this saleslady went out and told all her friends, "Rebecca Eckler was in and her child was the Devil and she was so mean to her and wouldn't buy her a shirt."

So, yes, I undressed my child in the middle of Aritzia, bought her a Wonder Woman shirt 18 times too large for her. But at least she didn't throw a fit.

And, hey, it will fit me. So maybe it was worth it, because now I'll have a black AND yellow Wonder Woman t-shirt. All I know is that the next time I go to Aritzia, I'm going solo.


Blogger MommyWithAttitude said...

My kid threw an ear-shattering fit while we were shopping today (he had to ride in a cart instead of walk because we were in a frame store with lots of breakables -- such a tragedy). Nobody knows me though, so I can be mean if I want to and I didn't give him his way!

10:58 PM

Blogger sunshine scribe said...

shopping + kids = no fun

shopping - kids = much fun

At least she wanted a Wonder Woman shirt and not a playboy bunny shirt. You'll thank her for having two later.

2:22 AM

Blogger tomama said...

I had a retail setback too. Want Boutique. Mega Cool embroidered army jacket. Sigh. Luckily I just had The Dude with me and he's not yet into fashion.

3:26 AM

Blogger Not Jenny said...

My boy threw a fit at Canadian Tire last night--as I browsed by myself I could always find hubby and the shopping cart by following his wailing - we let him put on his new bicycle helmet right off the shelf to try and calm him and worked for a little while. (He looked so cute/dorky).

By the way--Rebecca, there is an "i" missing in the link to my blog. It is praIrieknitwit.,etc.

6:27 AM

Anonymous Montreal Gal said...

Rebecca, don't worry, I have the same problem at Aritzia, and I don't have any children. (I mean, the problem is that I end up spending way too much on clothes I really don't need, like a "I'm single and I like to mingle" t-shirt, etc.) Although I really can't relate to having your kid want the same t-shirt as you... but that does tend to happen with girlfriends though. Without the tantrum. Hmm, actually, that happens too.

6:45 AM

Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

Solo? Dude, you have the perfect shopping excuse now. Take her to Holt's! Whatever you come back with now counts as purchase-for-child (and, depending upon what province you're shopping in, that gets you out of provincial shopping tax, too!)

My Husband's reaction when I would come back from shopping trips solo - 'what'd you spend?' Now, with Baby, it's 'what'd you get her?' And 'can we put it on her? or does she have to grow into it?' He's totally on board with cute things for Baby. So if it were me, I'd be all over acquiring things that do double mommy-duty.

BTW, I tagged you on a recent post - the A-Z meme ( Obviously, feel free to disregard - some people hate these things - but the blogs that have participated have come up with some VERY funny stuff...

9:06 AM

Blogger Kristen said...

If you can afford to spoil your kids, I don't see the harm in doing a little spoiling. We already spoil Leah and she's only almost 12 months. I can't imagine what it's gonna be like in a year or so...LOL.

10:09 AM

Blogger David said...


11:18 AM

Blogger Anjali said...

Hmmm... must find out what Aritzia is, and if there is one near me...

12:40 PM

Anonymous zeitgeistwriter said...

Wanted to let you know that before I ever saw your blog, I bought your book -- actually, it was just this weekend). It was freaking hysterical. I liked it so much, in fact, that I read it in two days. (I've been working on another book for like two months.) So glad I found your blog and that you are writing another book!

I spent the last couple of days reading back through your blog and reading the comments and let me say this: Keep up the good work. I am happy to see that there is no moron commenting on your spelling today (though I've noticed it's improved over time;) or someone with absolutely no sense of humor being a jackass. I am a journalist (an editor actually) and have to blog occasionally, and it kills me when assholes feel compelled to write stupid, hurtful things (usually they missed the joke) because they feel safe behind the veil of Internet Anonymity. I know it's bad Blog form to delete those posts, but I almost wish you would because its such a downer to read them after being uplifted by your writing.

Thanks for saying what others won't and saying it with style! I'm not even a mommy yet, but we're gonna start trying this fall and I'm so relieved to hear someone approach it with my sense of humor. Hey, btw, what happened to having a night nurse like The Fiance promised?

1:24 PM

Anonymous Alex said...

I would just like to let you know that I read your blog almost everyday and I find it quite funny. I'm only 15, and therefore have no kids, but I do have 2 cousins under 5 and 4 second cousins under 5 that I babysit regularly. And I'm glad that you keep updating regardless of any thoughtless comments you might get.

3:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Crap, are you ever a great mother. FANTASTIC parenting skills. Let's see: kid sees something she wants (no comment on the fact that you're a little on the old side to be wearing the same pants as a fifteen year old - oops, I did comment, sorry), kid blows fit, kids get exactly what she wants right at that moment.
Do they give out awards for this kind of parenting?? Oh, yes, they do! A Happy Birthday Grandma card when the kid is sixteen - after, she wanted it right then and blew a fit.

9:11 PM


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