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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cutie Patutie Ben Mulroney...

That kind of rhymes, right? Cutie Patutie Ben Mulroney?

Well, sort of.

Anyway, this isn't so much about Ben Mulroney as it is about THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE in a long time.

Well, I went to Canadian Idol last night. I used all my contacts and my grand position in media to get media seats for me and two friends. (Ok, fine, I made one phone call, but still...)

I was actually embarrassed to tell one of my friends, who I had made previous plans with last night, that we "just had to make on quick stop somewhere," before really going out.

Her: "Where?"
Me: "Just somewhere. It will be fun."
Her: "Come on! Where? Where are you taking me now?" (OK, to give her credit, whenever she goes out with me, we end up doing something she'd never expected to do in a million years.)
Me: "Fine. We're going to Canadian Idol."
Her: "What's Canadian Idol?"
Me: "CANADIAN IDOL! DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?" (Ok, to give her credit, she is 33 and is very busy doing other stuff than watching television every night, like me.)

So I casually mentioned to another friend - let's call her Sophisticated Friend - that I was going to Canadian Idol, with another friend, under my breath (because you know, you're not sure how people will react when you admit you are a major Idol fan) while we were on the phone that afternoon.

To my utter shock, Sophisticated Friend said, "Oh, I want to come! Can I come?"

Let's just say I'd never in a million years imagine that Sophisticated Friend would be an Idol Head. She totally is!

So I got back on the phone and said I needed three tickets. Pas de problem.

Sophisticated Friend started to get cold feet.

Her: "Are we going to be the oldest people there?"
Me: "Of course we are! Everyone else will in the audience will be like 12! But who cares? I'm a proud Idol Head!"

So the three of us - Sophisticated Friend in a black pencil skirt and heels, me in ripped jeans and flip flops, No Idea Friend in skin tight jeans and kitty heels - hopped in a mammoth black SUV and headed to Idol.

Anyway, it was super fun. And, I will admit, I was the one leading the "booos!" when Zack Werner said something mean. I don't know. I get a rush from starting those sorts of things, while my friends looked at me like, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?"

Still, they laughed. And I laughed. I mean, really, it was fun.

Ben Mulroney looked hot (the dude has lost a lot of weight!) all the contestants sound so much better live than on television, and they also look so much better.

I swear, on TV, dare I say it, well, let's just say that the camera does add a few pounds. In person, they're all like matchsticks.

I actually liked all of their performances. I had a new respect for Chad, and Ashley. And I always like Steffi D.

What really got me, and this is the mother in me, was watching the mothers of the Idol contestants. I swear, it would break your heart to see the pride pour out of these women. I couldn't even imagine one day having The Dictator up on a stage, in front of millions of viewers, and watch her perform. I don't think I could handle it.

After, with my voice hoarse, my friends and I headed to the Four Seasons for a drink and food. One of the Canadian Idol judges joined.

All in all, a great fucking night. Even my No Idea Friend is now a convert and swears she's going to watch from now on.

Oh, and we weren't the oldest ones there.

After all, the Canadian Idol contestant mothers were there. I ain't that old. Yet.


Blogger nomotherearth said...

I am an Idol Head too! I can't believe that you got to see the Unplugged show live! If there was any Idol night that I would want to be at more, I can't think of it. Steffi D is my favourite (although they got rid of my two other favourites Nancy Silverman and Keith MacPherson). Chad - who I've never liked - was actually good last night. Eva, I thought, rocked out - definitely the best performance of the night. Anyways, just had to add my two cents because no one I know (other than The Husband) is watching Idol and I feel so alone....;-)

9:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm seriously jealous...I'm so obsessed with Idol, it's a little scary! (and I'm 31!!) And of course, every week when I vote..which I do religiously (go Eva!) husband asks "is this free?" I haven't yet converted him. sigh.

9:31 AM

Blogger metro mama said...

Ben Mulroney looked hot?

11:30 AM

Blogger Ali said...

oh my god.
Rebecca. take me next time!! i'm a HUGE Canadian Idol fan and was actually going to go this week (i didn't know you could get tickets for, like, $5) but i couldn't convince ANY of my friends to go with me!!!!!

12:17 PM

Blogger Kristin said...

I would totally go to American Idol because I secretly think Simon Cowell is hot...

But, I am a little sad that way.

Sounds like a great night!!

1:06 AM


You're never to old for a night out with the gals no matter where you go! Sounds like good fun.

9:25 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

I would love to go see canadian idol live, but would be nervous telling people too.

Also check out my blog I have a big announement on there.

4:05 PM

Blogger Heather said...

If you get tickets to so you think you can dance..........I'M IN!!!!!!

6:09 PM

Blogger petite gourmand said...

do you have any contacts to Americian Idol?
Now that's a show I would want to see...

5:14 AM


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