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Friday, August 25, 2006

Living out of my car...

Ok, I'm so *not* going to say I'm "bored" with the "bored mommy" topic. Because we all know now what happens when we use the word "bored."

Today I felt like I literally drove around the entire day. I felt like I spent enough time in my car driving around the city that I could have drove to a cottage on a Friday on a long weekend. Yes, that's how much time I spent in my car.

Any other mothers feel, as their child gets older, that they might as well move into their car?

I drove The Dictator to camp. Then I picked her up. Then I drove her to get some lunch. Then I drove her here, then there, and everywhere.

I imagine, starting in September (Will blog about my angst about sending The Dictator to school for the first time on Monday) I will be driving a lot.

Because after school, there will be other classes - swimming, ballet, martial arts - to take her too. (Don't worry. I haven't yet signed her up for anything...)

I get "mall brain" when I'm in a mall too long, like after ten minutes (that very claustrophobic feeling when you just need fresh air..)

Now I think I have "car brain." Is that possible?

Have a good weekend.


Blogger Laural Dawn said...

I wish!!
Since we moved back to Toronto from suburbia my son and I have been living out of the TTC while my husband has the car at work. Ahhh!
I hear you though - it sucks the hours and minutes out of the day. And, then we finally get on the bus to where we are going and the temper tantrums start.
And it gets worse. We don't have any "after school" activities till he's 3 - we're still just going to playgrounds, libraries, etc.

5:26 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

Wow, that seems like a lot of activity for such a young girl. Why do you feel like she has to be involved in so much. I was "overbooked" as a child myself and grew to resent my lack of free time. In addition, I would hope that you would put yourself first from time to time.

7:32 AM

Blogger Haley-O said...

It wouldn't be so bad, too, if we didn't have to deal with the damn carseats--why do they have to make the (baby carseat) seatbelts such a jigsaw puzzle? I feel like I'm constantly taking my poor little monkey in and out of the darn carseat. It's exhausting, yes....

6:50 PM

Blogger Pendullum said...

We are a carless family.
We live in the city.
We walk and run everywhere...
There is a few mothers who have judgement about it... and I get to hear about how they need there car and how time constrainst are...(as if we do not all have time constraints!!! )
I have met a few moms who have multiple kids that have the same philosophy as me... and it is invigotating... as the car less tribe is VERY small... I can name just four other families besides us...
And we always have to apologise and legitimize our existance by chosing the 'road less' travelled...

I feel like one of the Gabor girls singing Green Acres...
'The car is not the place for me...wide open spaces...'
'But honey, Give me park avenue!!'

7:21 AM

Blogger Ali said...

just wait until you have to drive carpool...then you'll really feel like you're living in your car.

school, ballet, gymnastics, swimming, birthday's NEVER ENDING!

8:36 AM

Blogger Mom101 said...

Car brain would definitely explain 99% of LA.

11:41 AM


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