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Monday, May 18, 2009

Massages Round the Clock!

My five year-old had her very first professional massage over Winter Break.

I just could not believe the hotel we were staying at had their very own Spa Menu for kids.

Anyway, I made her an appointment for the princess massage, which was a massage on the beach, using a Strawberry-scented oil. At the end of the massage, she would be covered in Princess Sprinkles.

I mean, my daughter totally needed a massage. All that coloring at school! All those play dates! All that swimming! I mean, she was STRESSED OUT! I kid. I kid.

I took about a million photos of her getting her very first massage, because it was too darn cute. They actually performed a real massage on her, the same techniques they do on an adult. She even had that donut hole head thing to put her face in.

My daughter LOVED every second of her massage! I knew she loved it, because she actually fell asleep half way through - which means she was as relaxed as can be.

In any case, over the months, we have played Spa at home. Now, this is a great game for single, stressed out mothers.

I get some nice smelling lotion, and we pretend her bedroom is Spa Suite Number One (My room is Spa Suite Number Two, and my yoga room, is Spa Suite Number Three.)

She likes getting a massage in Spa Suite Number one. She plops on the her bed, stomach flat, and I rub some grapefruit-smelling lotion on her back, on her legs, on her feet, her hands, her upper arms, for about half an hour or so.

Now, most people would say it's always so much better to be the receiver of a massage than the one doing it. But when's it's your own child you give a massage to, it's fun. My daughter lies perfectly still, whispering to me, "That feels really good mommy!" and even sometimes sighs (Just like us adults at spas getting massages!)

Anyway, the best part of PLAYING SPA, is that my daughter can now give a wicked massage too. She spreads the grapefruit scented lotion on my back, using just enough pressure, and I tell you, she's great!

The point is, if you think you're daughter may be ready for her first massage. Let her get it. Because, I'm telling you, every night now, she offers to give me a massage. And whoever turns down a massage - even from a five year old?

This raising a child thing sure has it's benefits. Who knew one of them would be a massage whenever I wanted (and one I don't have to pay for!) Do your children do anything special for you like that? Share

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Ok, going upstairs. Got to get my nightly massage, before my daughter falls asleep.