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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Check it out! What's up with Abdul?

Ok, this is nearly as important as anything mother-related. Yup, I'm talking about American Idol.

I am an Idol-head. Is that what we're called? I'm not sure. But I am sure that Paula Abdul is losing her mind or has got her hands on a doctors prescription pad and is taking stong pain killers.

Ok, I'll admit, I actually like Paula. Sure, her boobs are always so strangley positioned, and sometimes her hair...well, Iet's just say, she always looks kind of interesting in the way you look at a celebrity and ask, "You have a stylist? Really?"

And, sure, her sentences never make any sense. In fact, The Dictator can put together sentences that I understand more than I understand why Paula is saying. But, the boobs, the hair, and what came out of her mouth, is always so fascinating, I looked forward to seeing her.

Also, I loved that whole "Did she sleep with that contestant whose name I forget?" drama of last year. She's such a cougar! Growl!

But tonight she cried! Yes, she cried in front of millions and millions and millions of viewers, because Elliot Yasmin sang. I couldn't believe it.

In fact, I was so stunned I had no idea what to do but scream out to The Fiance who was making dinner, "You must come in right now and see this! Paula is crying! She's crying! She's crying. Oh my god, she's crying!"

Not that Elliot was bad. He was pretty good. But to make her cry? Yikes. He's good, but he's not that good, who are we kidding? As if the rest of the world didn't think Paula was already losing her mind. Anyway, I'm still in shock which is why I'm writing like Paula speaks - in nonsense.

But here is why I'm so addicted to American Idol, the good, the bad, the ugly.

1) Am I the only one who finds Randy so annoying to the point I'm screaming at the TV, "Shut up dude! Shut up!" I rarely ever agree with him, and if he says, "Dogpound," or, "Check it out," or "Dude," one more time...argh! It's so obvious he has an inferiority complex next to Paula and Simon. Check that, dude.

2) The only judge who I actually agree with 95 per cent of the time is Simon. I kind of have a crush on him.

3) I know some people, but I'm not naming names (Kristen), have a huge hate on for Kelly Pickler. No, she's not the best singer there, but like Jessica Simspon, I kind of like her personality. Most people do not appreciate blonde ditzes, but I do. They make me laugh and smile. And, yes, I bought all the Newlyweds DVD's. But that's another story. I love how Kelly keeps mentioning her "daddy in prison." My Daddy is in prison too. (I'm joking! But for a minute there, you actually felt for me, right?)

4) For some reason, all the contestant's butts look big when they take camera shots from behind. I don't get it. Why is that?

5) I'm voting for Kat McPhee. Yes, I have the McPhever. At first, the way she looked into the camera, like she really was thinking "I'm making love to the camera. I'm making love to the camera," while she sang, annoyed the crap out of me. But I love her voice. Also, Rachel Bilson, the actress who plays Summer on The O.C is voting for her (they went to school together.) If Summer likes her, how could I not?

6) I always wonder if I'm taller than Ryan Seacrest. I probably am. I think he's so good at his job. Really. I think keeping things moving is harder than most people think. When I get married, I'd like Ryan Seacrest to be the one who moves the speeches along.

7) I like Paris. I don't love her, but I like her. The Fiance likes her, so whenever we watch Idol together, I'm like, "Hey, your girls on now!" But she's never worn an outfit I like. Either she looks like she's trying to be a flight attendant, or someone heading to a Bingo Hall (not that there's anything wrong with Bingo. I like it) But who styles the girl? Really. Awful. Awful. Even if she got tips from Paula, that would be an improvement.

8) Ace was hot. But I'm glad he's gone. I'm actually surprised he lasted as long as he did. He's hot, but he's actually not a very good singer at all. I miss Bucky. Actually, I just like saying his name. Bucky, Bucky, Bucky.

Can you believe Paula cried? Yikes. (Oh, and I'm also voting for Kelly Pickler too.)


Blogger Cindy said...

I can totally relate. I watch it at work and I actually called my mom long distance from work(shh dont tell) to have someone to discuss the Paula crazy with. I also cannot stand Randy but I thought I was the only one. Kelly kinda annoys me and she destroyed unchained melody. I am voting for Katharine too. If I actually voted, not just said she should win...

11:51 PM

Blogger Jezer said...

Yo, Dawg, that post was da bomb. Check it out, dude, you got it going ON.

Hee. That bothers me, too.

Paula is a Crying Drunk! At one time last night, I yelled "Sit down, you drunk bitch!" She's a trainwreck!

I love Simon, though.

I don't like Pickler. I know too many dumbass redneck chicks in real life--they really do talk like that and they think being dumb is cute. Drives me ba-freaking-nanas. I think her poor-country-girl act is fake though because she's obviously had some good dental work.

Anyway, like I said, yo--cool entry, dawg.

4:48 AM

Blogger Michele said...

I too, have fallen under the Idol spell.
Ditto on Paula, but I am enjoying every bump on her ride to Betty Ford. She and Randy serve no real purpose other than to fluff up the contestants. Randy is beyond annoying - same material for, what five seasons now? And the name dropping - enough already.
I am with Simon 95% of the time too.
Kelly - I think she is trying to ride the Jessica Simpson dumb train all the way to the bank.
Katherine is great, so are Elliott and Chris.
Paris is a freak. I fell for Taylor during auditions and he has failed me every since.

5:48 AM

Blogger Bahar said...

I so agree with you, in a scary way!

1- I hate the "dogpound" crap, I don't get it

2- Paula is weird

3- I have a crush on Simon, but I think I would sleep with Ryan first. (And I am shorter than all of them)

4- Ace was HOT. I mean HOT. His brother is HOT, too. Man! When is his CD coming out?

4- Kelly is ok. She is sweet and I like her a lot better than Jessica Simpson.

5- I have the McPhever. She is the Queen.

6- Paris is wonderful, in a way that teenagers are. She will make a great singer when she is a few years older (and sexy)

7- about the butts, I agree. Or does Kat McPhee really have a big butt?

Anyways, I have always LOVED singing (especially oldies and classics) so I watch the Idol show. These kids are great!

8:30 AM

Anonymous CJ said...

Hi, I came over from Kristen's blog. I have to agree with jezer up there, I don't like Pickler or Pickled Brains as I call her. I cannot believe how bad she's butchered the songs the last few weeks and she's still there, but they booted out Bucky??? Something in Denmark is rotten and we aren't talking cheese. (personal opinion) I've read so much "junk" about her, not being the innocent she "claims" to be. And supposedly her Daddy will be there in May for the finale. Will she still be there? Probably so... moans!

Have you been over to check out this site:
So far they've been right on the mark for who gets the boot each week, but suppose we'll see if they are right tonight. Earlier (they update frequently or something), they had Chris in the bottom 3 and I about went ballistic. He's my favorite, but something tells me I'm So Pretty McPhee might be our next American Idol. I said MIGHT. ;)

3:12 PM

Blogger Jenn said...

Yes, I admit it - I rush to put the kids to bed on Tuesday nights so I can watch American Idol. I have the hugest crush on Simon, and find Paula amusing and pathetic all at once. Randy, Dawg, needs to find a synonym for "pitchy" because I feel like pitching him across the room whenever he uses it.
Oh yeah, the contestents....I watch the show for them too - although none of them are ever as sexy as Simon in his tight black T's ;)
Chris is sexy as hell, and puts Ace to shame - he can sing better than the pretty boy, which, I guess is why pretty boy is no longer with us.
I'm rooting for Elliot in an underdog type of way - sort of like the Leafs in the playoffs - I think his voice is really awesome (not emotional release of tears-worthy, but really very good) but everyone knows that Chris or Katherine will walk away the winner - They have that X-factor - that star quality. I'm a little peeved that Canadians can't vote though.
I'm pretty sure my 5 yr old is taller than Ryan Seacrest.

6:53 PM


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