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Monday, April 10, 2006

Oops...She did it again!

Britney Spears must be the most watched mother in the world at present.

Again, she made news this week when her baby, Sean Preston, somehow fell out of his high chair. Doctor was called in. Britney finally went for a second opinion at the hospital after Baby Sean seemed agitated a week later.

Of course, child welfare then had to stop by her home, as they do in these sorts of situations, pop princess or not. (Though it does make me wonder why so many other cases of serious child abuse go unnoticed.)

A couple months ago, Brit The Mommy also made news when she was photographed driving with her son in her lap.

Brit's argument was that The Papparazi was on her butt and she wanted to get away from them.

I feel for Britney. I do.

We all know how hard it is to be a mother. Imagine being a mother with thousands of photographers on your ass all day long. In fact, try it out. Imagine every decision you make when it comes to your child, that a photographer is watching you and those pictures of your screaming child would be published.

When one of my friend's son was a baby, she was making something hot in a blender and some of it sprayed out. Like a good mother, she went immediately to the hospital to get her son checked out. Of course, the doctors asked her quetsions like, "So what happened?" "Does he get hurt often."

The cutest, though, was when the doctor said to the baby, "That must hurt," and this two year-old answered, "Yeah, it hurts like a bitch." (Trust me, my mother friend was shocked too at her son's language. But it is kind of funny.)

The point is, children sometimes do get hurt. And sometimes it's our fault, even though we don't mean it. Like the time, I was lifting The Dictator up and down on an airplane and I conked her head on one of those mini tv-screens that comes down. Yes, it was my fault. But I didn't mean it. I was mortified. I still feel guilty over it.

Or the time, I was holding The Dictator and I slipped on some ice and we both went down.

I imagine Britney didn't take her son to the hospital immediately because she worried that if the press found out - which they would have - she'd be a dead woman. And she would have been.

Unfortunately, her plan kind of backfired, because now she looks even worse. "What? You waited so long to take your son to the hospital??????"

Britney knows what it's like to constantly be watched and photographed. Which is why it was completely insane of her to drive off with her baby in her lap. She must have known, or at least had the thought, that the photographs would be published. It's completely insane of her to not know, at this point, that every move she makes will be noticed.

According to the reports I read, Britney wasn't even holding the baby when he got hurt. The Nanny was.

I think we all need to let Brit be a mother now and stop watching her every move. Not because I'm not interested in Brit (because, scarily I am, I really, really am) but because that is what would be best for Baby Sean.


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I was leaving a comment on this, but by the time I got to the fourth paragraph I decided I should put it on my own blog instead of hogging your's!

So I linked to you instead. :)

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Seriously where do these posts keep coming from? I swear to god this wasn't there before. Like the last time I checked I know it wasn't...I think? Maybe I'm an idiot but it wasn't there earlier today.

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