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Monday, April 03, 2006

Pressing Questions

Ok, two pressiong questions.

First, do bikinis and helmets match?

Second, is it too much to spend $140 (US) on a pair of jeans for a two year-old?

So, we're in the house we rented in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is amazing. Aside from the first second we arrived and stepped into the backyard. I almost got hit in the face with a golfball.

That's right. The house we've rented backs out onto a golf course. Sure, everyone always says how great it is to live on a golf course. But is it? Is it really? I mean, sure, it would be if there weren't, um, bad golfers, who hit balls into people's backyards.

The second the real estate agent was showing us the pool in the backyard, and I'm standing there, thinking, "Ahh, life is good." When, yup, a golf ball flies by my face. One inch from my nose!

In any case, I'm really worried about my nose. My nose doesn't have good luck. Not at all. When The Dictator was two months old, I was so tired that I walked into a wall and nearly broke my nose.

Then The Dictator, you know, learned to kick and play, and, for some reason, is always headbutting me in the nose, or kicking me in the nose with her sneakered feet. My poor nose.

I'll be lucky to have this nose in one piece for, well, the next year.

I'll tell you one thing America does right though. Children's clothing. You would not believe what you can buy for children in America.

Yesterday, I was shopping and I saw a pair of True Religion jeans that would fit The Dictator perfectly.

"Do you think $140 is too much for a pair of jeans for Rowan," I asked The Fiance, who, luckily, is quite clueless when it comes to the pricing of kid's clothes.

He was like, "Sure. Buy them. Whatever."

But, sigh, even I knew that that was still extravagent. But they were so super cute. So, after spending all night, and I mean all night, thinking about whether to buy them or not, I've decided I'm going to get them. I mean, really, how many days can I say that I survived almost getting hit smack in the face with a flying golf ball? (In my mind, this excuse makes perfect sense to buy these mini jeans.)

Exactly. Now if only I could find a matching helmet so I can sunbathe in my Burberry bikini.


Blogger toronto girl said...

I understand how cute the jeans are, but do you know how fast kids grow?? She'll be wearing them for two months and then outgrow them...I'd say to save the money for something else. Like her education.

4:24 PM

Anonymous Sarah M. said...

Wow, I'd never tell someone how to run their life, and you've probably just posted this to rock the boat, but in my opinion $140 for a pair of toddler jeans is just plain gross. American excess (gluttony) at its finest. Welcome to our country. Looks like you'll fit right in.

4:34 PM

Blogger sunshine scribe said...

Rowan is a lucky little girl. We can rationalize anything ...and a near-death-experience with a golf ball seems valid :)

Sounds like you are enjoying your trip!

6:45 PM

Anonymous Lynn said...


7:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out:

7:30 PM

Anonymous Mary-Kate said...

Rowan is cute. She can wear cute jeans. I like Rebecca, she's living a pretty rad life.

8:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First time commenter....I stumbled upon this blog a few weeks back and now i've become addicted...i'm not quite sure why...perhaps I enjoy reading about a hip TO mother...but 140 for a pair of jeans is ridiculous...I understand their true religion and its all about the brand name...but Rowan will never know the difference and she will just grow out of them in a few weeks...either way she's lucky that when she is older and becomes a fashionista she has a mom who understands and will buy her what she wants...enjoy Arizona!


9:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery! Love your blog! Enjoy the trip!

9:24 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Wow! People sure are assholes. Jealous much?

Buy whatever you want for her, and use whatever means necessary to justify it. I do. I bought myself some clothes from Victoria's Secret and justified it by saying I had been so good lately and working soo hard.

So what if she doesn't know the brand name. You will, and that's all that matters.

Also what's the point in working hard and earning lots of money if you can't use it to spoil those around you? None.

11:53 PM

Blogger chichimama said...

We live across from a glof course, no where near a hole, and my car has been dented several times by golf balls. And people have actually climbed the fence and scrambled through my front yard looking to hit their ball back to the course.

As for the jeans, I ave a hard time spending a lot of money on kid clothes, but to each his own. People would be horrified at the amount I spend on books instead of going to the library.But if I hear about an interesting new book I want it now, not in two months when it my turn on the wait list comes up...

And no, helmets and bikinis don't go.

3:37 AM

Blogger Not Jenny said...

chichimama--don't tell my son that bike helmets are not proper fashion accessories, he'll have a tantrum. (hmmm...maybe he doesn't like the way I drive?)

$140 is wayyy out of my budget for kid's jeans (heck, I don't buy $100 jeans for myself!)But hey, if you have it, go fer it. Just let me know when you are having your yard sale--or I'll read your cards for hand-me-downs.

5:20 AM

Blogger Bahar said...


Get them in two size larger, so that she can wear them for a while!

6:44 AM

Blogger T. said...

I'm with Sky. Live life. That's what it is for.

7:55 AM

Anonymous Sarah M. said...

Didn't mean to sound like a asshole, honestly, even though I kind of did. And I can actually afford $140 toddler jeans, believe it or not, so jealousy isn't the issue. My point is that we spend too much on uneccessary things (myself included...I spend an obscene amount on books as well) On top of that we advocate and perpetuate behavior that says, "if you can't afford 150-dollar jeans, you're nobody." Now obviously, if you're a confident, secure adult, you're not going to feel that way, but teenage (and younger) girls are sucking up this consumer culture like sponges, before they even have a chance to form an educated and experienced perspective on it all. Believe me, I see it first-hand every day. Anyway, WAAAAY too serious for this kind of blog. Sorry. I just see our culture becoming so consumed with its own conspicuous consumption, and it's kind of scary. But live and let live, you're right. Sigh.

8:54 AM

Anonymous Shivs15 said...

Hi! First time I've commented, but I do read your stuff in the Post/Globe. I would get those jeans. Why not, if they're cute? Besides, I always justify expensive kids clothes by thinking that I will save em for my next baby, or pass them down to my sil, etc.

9:08 AM

Blogger Bahar said...


You have opened up a can of worms! My cousin last year almost got engaged. Why almost? Because she refused to wear the engagement ring.

The Fiance makes more than 200 grand a year and he collects cars as a hobby. So, she expected a 20 grand ring. But he didn't think a "ring" was important enough to cost more than 10 grand.

Now, honestly, does it matter and why? What does the price tag show? His love? Her commitment? Priorities?

Who says how much we should spend on different items? Engagement ring, car, clothes, watch, shoes, gifts (!), etc...

9:11 AM

Blogger Blogette said...

Is it bad that at 26, I'm insanely jealous of a 2 year old's jeans?!

Work it, Rowan!


9:25 AM

Blogger Jenn said...

Gosh, some people really have way too much time on their hands. But they do say that imitation is the sinceresty form of flattery.

Anyways, as for the jeans...well. I can't afford 100 dollars for a pair of my own jeans, and I personally couldn't justify paying that much for a pair of jeans that Mary would grow out of in a few months. That being said, if you can afford it, why not?

11:27 AM

Anonymous Kristin said...

Expensive jeans are only expensive because they are expressly created to make women's flawed bums look better, right? And the Dictator already has a perfect little Baby bum, so why the need for the expensive jeans?

I'd buy a cute $ 20.00 pair from the Children's Place, and spend the rest on a custom made $ 120.00 bikini-matching helmet if I were you. The helmet's much more logical.

12:40 PM

Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

Shocking, really, that the blogtards would weigh in on this. Where have y'all been? We missed you!

I agree with the suggestion that you get the jeans a size or two too big, so that Rowan gets more wear out of them.

And get a D&G kids t-shirt to go with them.

1:44 PM

Blogger littlepinkcar said...

the host of ninegrambrain sucks as a person.

buy the jeans - if not for rowan, then do it just in spite of the host of ninegrambrain. put that in your pipe and smoke it, host-of-ngb! sucka'.

3:29 PM

Anonymous Christine said...

Those who can, do. Those who can't apparently make up fake blogsites out of jealousy and spite! This is my first time reading Rebecca's blog (saw it listed in the Globe)and I can't believe how mean- spirited some people are. As for the jeans...does Blue Cult do infant wear? Much hipper then True Religion, JMHO!

4:16 PM

Blogger kittenpie said...

I must say I have a hard time justifying spending much on toddler clothes that won't be worn for long too. Hell, I have never spent more than probably $80 on jeans for me. But I would say that if I had tons of money at my disposal and found perfect jeans for $140 I would buy them, so I get that. But as Kristen points out, that's more about adult fit issues, which don't affect toddlers. I guess I don't get what it is about the jeans that would make them so much cuter than regular jeans for kids, having never seen kids jeans that looked like anything more than, well, kids jeans. What is the big difference that makes them worth an extra $100? I am curious here. Is it just the name, or something describable?

9:46 PM

Blogger petite gourmand said...

I almost caved at lileo and got mini $150 jeans for the wee one...afterall, some of the proceeds went to charity...
But in the end I came to my senses, that, and big daddy dragged me out of the store.
But if you love them, go for it.
true that she will grow out of them sooner than she can even cause any natural distressing on the knees.
But the vans..gotta get 'em.
watch out for those golf balls!

8:32 AM

Anonymous Katie said...

Glad you asked. No WAY would I spend $140.00 on jeans for my baby girl. No way.

Not b/c it's out of our budget range, but because of the MESSAGE it sends: that you're a better person if you have the right brand of jeans on, or if you're wearing Vans, etc.

I want my girl to feel confident in herself from within. I want to instill that in her before she's faced with all the bs she'll get in school about wearing the right brands, or you're not cool b/c your jeans are from The Gap, not Sevens or whatever. Why start it now? Why ENCOURAGE it now?

Do enjoy your blog, though.

10:48 AM

Blogger Sheena said...

Hate to beat this topic to death, but I don't think you should do it. I mean, why spend money on designer jeans for a kid when you can spend it on yourself?

8:22 AM

Blogger tomama said...

Hmm, doesn't sound like it fits in with the spending freeze...


7:27 AM

Blogger Heather said...

All I have to say is Bikini's and helmets totally long as you are on a bike too! Way hot.

8:05 PM


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