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Friday, April 07, 2006

Choose Your Battles

The Dictator started a new class today. It's two-hours long. It's unsupervised.

Supposedly, she did great. She said, "Bye bye Mimi," and walked in. Just like that.

It went great, aside from The Dictator not having a "Dora the Explorer" knapsack, which all the other little girls had, and she wanted.

The Dictator did have a really cute box that Mabel's Labels sent The Dictator with some of their goodies - check out the side of my blog to look at Mabel Label's stuff - it is super cool.

Nanny Mimi explained to The Dictator that her box was "unique" and that seemed to placate The Dictator, especially when all the other little kids liked her yellow box.

Anyway, the age is TWO that little girls nowadays start noticing what other little girls have (for any expecting mothers out there, or those with toddlers younger than 2 - be forewarned!)

To The Fiance, I was like, "So, we'll get her a Dora knapsack." The Fiance was like, "It all starts now. First she wants the Dora knapsack, then she'll want the Ferrari."

I was like, "Well, what do you care? A Dora knapsack I can buy in Kensington Market for, like, $6.99!" So then The Fiance was like, "It all starts now," sighing and all, for effect.

So, I was like, "You want to choose this one thing not to give her? Because you can, but it seems silly to deny her a $6.99 knapsack. You have to chose your battles."

I don't care what any parenting book or "expert" says. I do think it's all about choosing battles. I choose not to battle over a knapsack, but maybe I'll decide to battle when The Dictator is nine and wants 12 pairs of jeans. (Which, of course, I won't be able to, because I own at least that many pairs of jeans myself. But I have seven years to figure it out.)

But you know what I mean. There will be bigger battles than a Dora knapsack.

While The Dictator started a new class today, so did I. I've been taking new yoga classes all week. There's nothing like being an "adult" and having to join new classes. I feel for The Dictator, I do.

It's hard at any age to walk into some place brand new - for me, walking into a Yoga studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, a place where half the pages in all magazines feature ads for plastic surgeons, and even the yoga instructors are wearing Prada shoes, was nerve-wracking.

But more about my Yoga in Scottsdale next week. I have to find a Dora knapsack. And maybe a little treat for myself for showing up to class all by myself too!

Have a great weekend!


Blogger Her Bad Mother said...

Two is too early to worry about battles. Save your energy. Bring on the Dora.

6:56 PM

Blogger Rebecca said...

I'd buy it for her. Totally. I always wanted a girl... can't buy pink for boys.

Well - you CAN, but not without opening the possiblity of teasing. Or worse - having people tell you how cute your little GIRL is! YIKES!

6:43 AM

Blogger sunshine scribe said...

I say Dora is a small price to pay the battles are yet to begin.

3:09 PM


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