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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Aww...Isn't that so cute?

Because I can't have my last post be about puke any longer, I'm moving on to Cute Things The Dictator has Said...I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I can't have my last thought be about puke. So, here goes.

You know how, before you became a mother, you'd hear stories of toddlers, and you'd think, "Yeah, that's cute. I guess." But now that you have your own toddler, or baby, you have a whole new appreciation of cute stories, especially the ones when they say cute things.

Here are a few cute things The Dictator has said in the last week. Please share yours. I now love to hear them. I do. Really.

1) Yesterday I asked her why Daddy works. Her answer: "Daddy works to buy me toys." Where did she learn that? Really?

2) Yesterday, I put The Dictator to sleep. Ten minutes later she got out of bed, walked down the stairs, and said to me, "My sleep was not so good." Which made me laugh. I said, "Your sleep was not so good?" And she responded, "No. My sleep was not so good."

3) The Dictator this week has decided she doesn't like carrots anymore. "Carrots are for babies. I'm not a baby."

4) She has started to call me "Rowan." When she does, I have to call her, "Mommy." It's "our thing" I guess. It goes on for hours.

5) I think it's the cutest thing when The Dictator says "Underpants." I don't know why. It just is.

6) She likes when I tell her "secrets" in her ear. I always say, "I love you." Now she likes to whisper secrets in my ear. She always, always says, "I like stars."

Now, over to you! I love these stories. I do.


Anonymous mothergoosemouse said...

Love those. The utterances get cuter and cuter.

If you really want to read ours, check out my category called "Dialogue". Conversations between Tacy and us. Mostly funny.

3:52 PM

Anonymous Heather said...

this is actually something one of my campers said a few years ago.

"Why does our camp song say 'we ride our bikes all day' if we've never used the camp's bike?"

I was shocked that a three year old could come up with such an intelligent remark.

btw you may not remember in fact I would be very surprised if you did but I offered to baby sit rowan shortly after she was born because the child of one of your good friend's was my camper. hint hint.. the fun bus!! Hope that doesn't bring back bad memories.

Love the blog!! Anytime you are in toronto I would be more than thrilled to offer my sitting services.

4:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your such a good mom Rebecca, really!

I don't have a baby (yet...did have a 'fear phone call' - learned that from your book! recently) but my friend has a sweet little girl, 3...

She likes to listen to late night conversations, i.e after her 8pm bedtime, when her parents are entertaining.

Recently, someone had a discussion about someones new husband and the little person reported the next day, "Mommy said Auntie's husband is a real daft jackass." (She actually announced it to the auntie, mommy and the entire family... )

5:02 PM

Blogger Mom101 said...

We're actually about to feature a website on cool mom picks tomorrow called she loves You must get her something from there!

So far, my kid says da and de and dat and aiyiiiiyiiieeeiiii. Still cute, but not even close to your list.

5:51 PM

Blogger Haley-O said...

Oy, "I like stars"--that's so funny...maybe because it's so "random" (I rarely use that word, by the way--it's soo overused!). Here's a "cute thing" Joey said today: "da da ga ga ya la ga da." ;)

7:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sometime burst out laughing at the way my little girl processes things. She's 2 1/2 and she sometimes has accidents in bed so we have to change her sheets. Today she was home with me and she saw me change my husband and I's sheets. She looked at me with a stange face and said: Mommy??!! Did Daddy pee in your bed??


7:46 PM

Blogger York Region Baby said...

It's true, before you have a little one and you hear stories it's different now... my guy who's 14 months cute things of the moment are
* taking your hand and taking you where he wants to go, to his work bench, outside, downstairs and when you obey him he laughs hysterically
* again, taking your hand towards the stereo and dancing -- which means turn on the music, let's have a dance party

This is such a great stage (most of the time!!)

I just started my own personal blog, other than the business one, with the intention of writing more about life with Liam... I am one post in and it's hard work...

7:52 PM

Blogger Blog-o-licious said...

I think we should a always phrase everthing as a child would. As in when my step daughter was little and she ate something that was a bit harsh...she would say, 'that hots my mouth' how sweet we all once were.

7:57 PM

Blogger Sara Bingham said...

Oh my goodness, Sabrina does the secret whisper thing too! It's always something like "wisha, wisha, shoo, shoo, I love you, whisha, wisha". She also loves to tell stories about the "tillerpillar" in "A Bug's Life" (aka the caterpillar). Watching her sing and dance when she watches the Ohmies is adorable! She also likes to dance in the rain and catch raindrops on her tongue!

9:00 PM

Blogger Annie, The Evil Queen said...

Sam isn't talking yet but my niece is a riot. My sister asked her where she wanted to go for lunch-on-the-run one day. "Anyplace you want to go. Where should we go?" The child replies, "I got nothin'."

Also, when my grandma died last year, my sister broke the news. My niece then told one of my sister's friends, "My Grandma Jenny is with Jesus now. I never met Jesus. But I never met Elvis, either."

10:36 PM

Blogger Laural Dawn said...

I've got tons of cute ones about my son, but one of the sweetest most adorable things ever was this year at Christmas. My niece gave me a Carebears ornament. The story was that she would not leave the store until her dad let her buy it as my christmas gift.
Anyway, so she gave it to me on Christmas and said (unprompted) "This for you because I love you - and when I saw it it made me think 'I love Aunt Laural'"
Of course I cried. I keep it on my desk. I love how little kids love.
I will think of a good Matthew one later.

5:18 AM

Blogger Kristin said...

I love when my 2 year old gets angry with her brothers (ususally when they won't let her play with them) and she stands with one hand on her hip, the other hand pointing in rage and yells, "you are BAD brothers!!!!)

She is like a 90 year old woman.

6:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My nephew had a runny nose once when he was three. My mom told him to get a Kleenex so she could wipe his nose but his response was "No thanks, I just eat my snot... it's ok"! Cute in a gross sort of way!

11:30 AM

Blogger Kristen said...

Leah's new cute thing has become singing to songs. I don't know who's heard the song "crazy" by Gnarles Barkley, but every time, and I do mean EVERY time it comes on- you hear my little 15 month old singing baby in the back seat "CWAAAAAAZEEEE!" LOL. She sings along to rap too. Oh yea, she's multitalented.

12:13 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

I was/am (never sure which tense to use as I am a stay at home Mommy now) a Kindergarten teacher and I should have written a book with all of the adorable things that my little ones came up with!

My 15 month old daughter's latest word is "boo boo" for her scraped up knee. She walks around pointing to her knee saying, "boo boo" all day. She now is taking little pieces of paper that she finds and holds them up to her knee (pretending it is a bandaid) and saying the word. Melt my heart!
Check out my

12:42 PM

Blogger Irish Eyes said...

I'm the oldest of four kids with three boys behind me and I taught swimming lessons for eight years. I have some doozies. The cutest one:

My dad calls his father-in-law "Governor" because he's in charge and I'm just used to it because he's been doing it forever. So when my youngest brothers was studying for a test with my mom and I we asked who the governor of Ohio was. He really thought about it for a minute without saying anything and then said, "Grandpa????!"

3:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something I wrote down (it still sits on our fridge) when my now 17 year old was 3. "I'll only share if I can have it all." Go figure!

5:48 PM

Blogger jess said...

"daddy works to buy me toys" sounds just about right to me!

(keeping in mind the first post i read of yours was about $120 designer toddler jeans)

6:59 PM

Anonymous Karla said...

Thats great. I love the things kids say!

7:29 PM

Anonymous moonstruck mama said...

The quote of the year from my 5-year-old son James went like this:
J: "Can we go to Mike's house to play?"
ME: "I don't know where Mike lives honey."
J: "But I know where he lives--Zoa (older sister) knows where he lives."
ME: "How does Zoa know where Mike lives?"
J: "Zoa knows everything. Zoa and God--they both know everything."

4:43 AM

Blogger Amanda said...

If had a penny for each time that one of my students (I am a Kindergarten teacher--or was before I had my daughter)said something cute, I would be a millionaire! Kids say the most adorable things and I encourage everyone to document them because though you think you won't forget, you will! I have a 15 month old daughter who's newest word is "boo boo" for her scratched up knee. The cutest part was that I had a Curious George bandaid on it, took it off during a bath and the next day, she found a little piece of paper on the floor, put it over her knee and said, "Boo boo".
Check out my blog for more fun stories...

5:39 AM

Anonymous moonstruck mama said...

OH, I forgot. My five year old also calls Crab Rangoons "Cranberry Goons."

6:22 AM

Anonymous Mer said...

When I was a teenager I was a camp counselor three summers in a row. My kids were always the youngest at the camp, 3-5 years old. One summer we had a room with its own bathroom that had no lock (so the kids couldn't lock themsleves in). My campers called going to the bathroom "making," as in, "I have to make." One day I hear giggling coming from the bathroom...too much giggling. I open the door, and there's about 4 or 5 five-year-olds, pants down, all sitting around the rim of the toilet. I asked what they were doing. "We're having a making party!"

Of course.

11:13 AM

Blogger Heather said...

Miles isn't really forming sentences yet. But his voice is just about the best thing I've ever heard.
Every night before bed, he puts his hands on my cheeks and gives me a kiss (well his version of a kiss). I'll be sad when he's too big for that.

5:47 PM

Blogger Mommy off the Record said...

This is my first time to you site. You have a great blog here!

My son is only one so he can't say really cute things yet, but I love your list. Especially #1. Classic.

10:59 PM

Anonymous Jaime said...

I can't wait til my daughter starts talking - your quotes are the cutest!

My 2 yr old neice was walking on the beach with myself and my husband(Norm) and out of nowhere looked up at my husband and said - Norm you're silly!

A small but acurate assesment for such a young girl!

6:47 AM

Blogger Ali said...

she sounds like such an adorable little dictator. :)

my daughter told me this summer..." guys...are intentionally...ruining my life."

she's 5.

and my son, who's almost 4 has started saying, just randomly, out of nowhere, "Mommy? you're da best."

6:00 AM

Anonymous MOTP - mother of the pants in the family said...

The comments are so funny, I'm glad there is a place to share these utterances (sp?) because they are wonderful.

When I asked my 3 year old daughter why she could use the toilet all by herself at daycare, but she needed me to pull down her pants etc at home, she said it was a mystery!

Also, she has a ribbon fetish, she loves to pull silky ribbons across her upper lip..... anyway, when she was 18 months old, she called Ribbons, Wimons.... as in, "where are my wimons".... it was hilarious.

11:30 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

My friends kid, a three year old boy once said to me "Aunty Tindy, I love you the mostest in the whole neighborhood." Then followed it up with a hug. I was damn near in tears.

My neice Skylar once pointed to my chest in the middle of walmart and loudly proclaimed that her mommies boobies were MUCH bigger than mine. And then asked why. The old woman beside me was laughing so hard she had to sit down. They all waited patiently to see what I would tell her. I had nothin'.

6:11 PM

Blogger Jen said...

When I ask my 18 month old daughter if she wants a drink I say "Do you want milk or juice?" to which she always replies "ummm.... (long and exaggerated) .... beer!"

8:12 PM

Blogger Tara said...

Just found this blog on the York Region Baby site.
You say, "4) She has started to call me "Rowan." When she does, I have to call her, "Mommy." It's "our thing" I guess. It goes on for hours."

My son Eric (2) thinks it hilarious to say, "I Mommy! You Eric" or out of the blue will say, "You Grandpa!" and laugh hysterically.

About a year ago, my now 3 1/2 year old informed me, about the fact the fact that I didn't have a penis: "Don't worry Mommy, you'll get yours soon. Grandma has one!" to which I just had to call my mother and ask! LOL


8:50 PM

Anonymous Runescape Cheater said...

Gotta love kids... I think they're so darned cute most of the time so that you don't throw them out the window when they barf on you or throw a tantrum. :-)

My daughter is almost 10 now, but thanks for the memories of what it was like when she was younger! How old is your daughter, BTW?

12:24 PM

Blogger Beastarzmom said...

Frequent reader, notsofrequent commenter...

My most recent favorite (because they change as fast as the kids do) just happened again yesterday. I was instructed that I'd forgotten to put the "scumscreen" on before going outside.

Gotta remember these.

12:44 PM

Blogger MommyWithAttitude said...

Those are so cute.

I try to teach my kids spanish and the older is pretty good, but my almost-three-year-old has a long way to go. He has a book about chimpanzees and he says, "Mama, read the monkey book." And I say, "okay, I'll read the chimpanzee book." And he thinks for a second and says, "Chimpanzee... that's how we say monkey in 'panish (spanish)."

1:56 PM

Anonymous Mum downunder said...

This my first comment....very exciting. My 3.5yr old daughter says some crazy stuff at times. Her nick name is 'high maintenance'

"Have you called Jenny yet?" this was blurted out to her father whilst he was giving her a bath. He thought I had 'trained' her to say that because it’s the line Kirsty Alley would say from those Jenny Craig ads. I wish I could take credit, but not this time.

When high maintenance was having a bit of a 'moment' and needed help calming down I told her to take some deep breaths in and out........her response was "but mummy that will make me do poo's! I don’t want to do poo's on the couch". Hmmmmm..what the? I hear you say. Let me explain. When she is actually on the toilet doing poo's, and having some.......shall we say 'difficulties' we just tell her to take deep breaths in and out and it will help make the transaction a lot smoother.

7:17 AM


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