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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nancy Silverman -Who Dat???

One of the reasons I love being a writer and journalist is not because of the perks or because I get to meet celebrities.

Sure, I get sent a ton of stuff (which I usually always give away to Nanny Mimi. I swear, I'm on this mailing list for a makeup company and I get sent 12 new bottles of nail polish every month!) and I can brag about meeting Nicholas Cage, Jennifer Lopez or an Olson Twin. (Actually, I met both twins. Aren't I so cool?)

I like writing because I like finding interesting people and helping them out. I do. Really. I love finding people who came up with an idea for a business and worked hard at that business and now are offering interesting products.

Last week, in my Saturday Globe and Mail Column, I wrote about these two women who founded a t-shirt company, out of Vancouver. Who knew about them? Well, Maddox's mommy, Angelina had (She bought some for Maddox.) But no one in Canada had written about them before.

Once, I wrote a piece about a cool company in New York, run by one woman, who did cute greeting cards. No one in Canada had heard about her before. She wrote to tell me how many Canadians ordered stuff from her after my story came out.

PR people e-mail dozens and dozens of story ideas for their clients. But my heart does lie in the individual business people trying to get some press, so people know about them, and they can make a success out of their businesses. Especially Canadians.

Thanks for all the free stuff BIG MAKE UP COMPANY, but you don't need any press. I love your stuff, don't get me wrong. But I like finding and helping the little people out.

By the end of my old job at my old paper I was literally saying, "I'll only do the story if no one else has done it before" to PR companies. That's because I'm also super competitive and I hate repeating stories that other papers have already done.

I'm so American in my competitiveness. I swear, when I read something in a Canadian paper that I know I read...just...last...week in The New York Times or Wall Street Journal, I throw down my paper in disgust. Why the heck are we always following America?

So how competitive am I? Well, let's just say when I hear about a story that is going to come out in an American paper, I always tell my Canadian editors, so I can do it first. I know, sad. But why shouldn't I want to beat the NY Times? I do want to beat The Times.

Plus, are we not good enough to find our own stories? Canada has a ton of interesting stories and people who need a little bit of help. Press helps their businesses out, so why not?

Anyway, at this point you're probably asking, What's up with Nancy Silverman?

Nancy Silverman is a competitor on Canadian Idol. I love her. I want her to go very very far in the competition. So I just wanted you to hear it here first. Of course, I didn't "find" her. However, I want to give her some sort of press. Nancy Silverman. Nancy Silverman. Remember the name.

Because I give her "props." Which is actually the real reason I love watching Canadian Idol. I get to use the word "props."


Blogger George said...

You go Rebecca ... could I hear your fingers hitting the keys harder with each pro Canada word you typed?

6:52 PM

Anonymous Heather said...

Since we're on the topic of Canadians with interesting business ventures, check out This company was recently launched by a friend of mine from Ottawa. Her products are great and I think she's going to be really successful!

6:33 AM

Blogger Kristen said...

I-LOVE-ANGIE (a bit breathless over here!).

LOL and when I first read Nancy Silverman (since I don't get Canadian Idol, and feel so left out of the ritual, lol)- I got confused and was totally thinking of Sarah Silverman. LOL. Bushy Eyebrows vs. Canadian Singer. I was totally off.

6:34 AM

Blogger Ali said...

in total love with Nancy Silverman.
she's one of my girl crushes :)
and she got the pimp spot this week.

6:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is my BIGGEST pet peve: I cannot stand reading an interesting story in the Times style section and then 1 or 2 weeks later seeng it regurgutated (sp?) in a Canadian paper...and I always vainly search the column for 'as the New York Times recently found.." never.there.

Good for you for finding, instead of following-trends and story ideas.

8:22 AM

Blogger Accidental Lawyer said...

My Mom taught Nancy several years ago at Baythorn, so I'm cheering for her too (well, sort of; I have yet to actually watch Idol, but since the bar exams are finally over I should have more time for TV).

However, I hear she (Nancy) kicked ass on the last show.

5:47 PM

Anonymous Heather Cooper said...

I think it's great you try to promote the "little people" who are just trying to get started and have their product or service "discovered". I've started and trying to get out there. :) So if you'd like a demo I'd be happy to send a Kit to your daughter. ;) It's just like Build a Bear except I go to the child's home for birthday parties. Or individual kits can be purchased as gifts.

7:34 PM

Blogger Haley-O said...

I like the red-headed guy....And, I have a soft spot for whatshisname James from McMaster and James because he's trying so hard, and because I went to McMaster University... ;). Anyway, I'll look out for Nancy Silverman--I have to admit, I've missed the girls' shows so far--i'll make it a priority to watch it next week!

7:57 PM

Blogger Blog-o-licious said...

I love the little gal...we all have dreams and we can make it when we get that right press. Thank you, I'm not there yet, but when I have the coolest B&B in the lower 48, you will get a comp night.

8:28 PM

Anonymous Mary DK said...

It IS a big disappointment to see lifestyle stories in the G&M and NP that were picked up from the NY Times and WSJ. Hubbie is a US equity analyst so the U.S papers make it home each night (so I can peruse personal journal or style). I do love the weekend editions of the G&M and NP but they are littered with ideas taken from the aforementioned US papers or verbatim and credited.

8:51 PM

Blogger Paige said...

Do you think it's worse for a Canadian paper to do their own take on a story from an American paper, or for them to re-publish an American-written "news service" article a week or so later?

9:03 PM

Anonymous laura said...

Rebecca. . .YES! Thank you thank you thank you for giving "props" to Nancy Silverman. Whattastar! I'm telling you. She by far my favourite on CI, especially since she's got a little something-something that none of those other girls seem to. AH! Nancy Silverman. :)

I'm also lovin Keith Macpherson and Rob James is growing on me. I am so excited that I am not the only person in Canada that is insanely crazy for Canadian Idol. I drop whatever I'm doing to watch it and have a "no speaking allowed" policy while the contestants are singing.

Blog away!

8:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am loving Nancy Silverman!!!

4:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Nancy Silverman!!! I heard her for the first time last night.

I also have a severe addiction to Ben- can't get enough!

4:07 AM

Anonymous Nancy Silverman said...

I just came across your blog...

I'm flattered. ;)

Thank you so much for your support. Be sure to check out my website ( for upcoming Toronto show dates!!!


5:25 PM


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