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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oohhh, Belinda....

I feel I need to comment on the whole Belinda Stronach/Tie Domi affair.

Not that I even really knew who Tie Domi was. Nor do I really care about Tie Domi. Not that I really care about Belinda and what she does in her spare time either.

But I do have some thoughts on the whole matter. Male writers just do not get it.

And, yes, I've been following the story like I used to follow the good ole days of The O.C. when it was actually good.

Male writers just do not get what Belinda sees, or saw, in Tie. I completely get it. Maybe because I'm a woman. I can smell people like - make that women like - Belinda a mile away.

She likes Tie, or liked Tie, because he made her feel very smart and very pretty. It's as simple as that. He made her feel like the powerful one in the relationship. She was smarter about politics, she had more money, she was better looking as a woman than he was as a man. Women like Belinda like when they are made to feel that way.

Ok, now moving on to why I can't help but feel less respect for Belinda, even though I really do believe that there is a complete double standard, as Belinda says.

It's true. She's right. A man who was caught in an affair would never be put under such a microscope as Belinda is. No one would think a man in an affair would not do as well at his job.

And, of course, how come no one has really come down hard on Tie for the affair. Hello? As I said in the whole Tori Spelling affair, it takes two to tango. Why does no one just come out and say that Tie is the bad person?

Well, his wife (soon to be ex) kind of did that. And good for her. Obviously their relationship had major problems. And obviously she was pissed off.

Here's my problem with Belinda now. I kind of think she's not too smart. I mean, really. You know the dude is married. You know you're a public person. You know that, if you hang out with someone and walk hand in hand with them, it's going to raise eyebrows.

What was she thinking? I don't think she was. I actually think she didn't care. And that's what kind of disturbs me.

It also disturbs me because, for some reason, I think she likes the drama of it all. I don't think she's embarassed by this whole thing. I think Belinda likes seeing her face on the front page of the paper, no matter what the reason.

I don't really believe that this affair is the thing that's going to bring her down. I don't. People kind of have short memories. They'll be like, "Didn't she have that affair with that hockey player? Didn't she have that affair with Bill Clinton?"

I also believe that the only way to get out of this messy affair is for her to end up with Tie. If it's true love, well, you can't argue with true love.

I don't think it will last though. It's kind of one of those, "Becareful what you wish for," things.

Why isn't Belinda smart enough to see that?

Of course, this is what I'm reading into it.

Is the O.C. starting soon or what?


Anonymous GirlyGurl said...

Belinda strikes me as a spoiled, impulsive brat. She is opportunistic and an attention junkie. Just look at all the press she received when she "crossed the floor". Then she emphatically stated it was all about principles. Well sugar, what about your principles when it comes to breaking up families? The real casualties are the Domi children. Her kids too. Nice role model!!

12:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Belinda was having an affair with a nobody (i.e. your average joe), rather than a well known hockey player we probably wouldn't be hearing much about it in the news.

1:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

also if Tie Domi had an affair with some blonde bimbette, people would have rolled their eyes and moved on ... but with Belinda? What the heck was she thinking? A cinder block next to her would make her look and feel smarter than Tie. I feel sorry for the children, Leanne's kids and Belinda's too.

7:06 AM

Blogger Denice said...

I totally agree. She is obviously a spoiled little rich girl who is used to getting her way and just looking to get attention. I mean, you run for the leadership of a party before you've ever been elected or had any experience in politics, and when you lose and stop making the front pages of the paper, you cross the floor to get more attention? If she had just stayed with her party, she probably would be a cabinet minister now. But she screwed that up, so she's got to get back into the news again somehow, so she has an affair with a hockey player? Does she even think about things before she does them? I just can't stand that woman!

8:28 AM

Anonymous QueenieCarly said...

I think girlygurl got it right when she called her a spoiled impulsive brat. I've always felt the princess vibe emanating from her and that doesn't require thinking. Just ask Peter McKay. Tell me he's not breathing a sigh of relief that he's miles away from her now. I think she's used to getting exactly what she wants and thinks that life can continue on that way. I'll be happy to see the day she realizes it can't. Over the past few years, she has been shown to act without any integrity whatsoever. This is just an extension of that.

11:30 AM

Blogger pdt princess said...

The O.C. starts November 02. Trust me I'm waiting in anticipation too.

1:05 PM

Blogger Sheena said...

I wonder if Belinda sings Sk8r Boi to him when he enters the crease....

and I have to question the timing of all of this. Is it just to divert attention from the Peter-Condi Rice buzz that was out there couple of weeks ago?

8:07 AM

Blogger AC said...

So?! How was the party? When's the party? Inquiring moms want to know!

3:33 PM


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