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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We've reached a milestone!

For the first time, yesterday, I could put The Dictator's hair in a ponytail.

Yup. It's only taken three and a half years, but the gal finally has enough hair to put in a mini-pigtail on top of her head.

For the first two years of The Dictator's life, I had to hear what a "lovely son" I had. I got over it, after the millionth time hearing it from strangers. I mean, at least they said she was "lovely" even though they thought she was male.

Even two weeks ago, running through Pearson airport, a man said to me, "Well, he certainly can run fast!" as my DAUGHTER ran ahead of me (in her pink sweatshirt, her pink pants, her Dora the Explorer shoes!)

Then a few nights ago, while I was doing a reading for Wiped! Life with A Pint-Size Dictator, a woman came up to me to tell me not to worry, that she didn't really get hair until she was 12 years old.

Luckily, The Dictator is all into dresses and tights now, so I haven't heard so much lately about what a "cute little man" my daughter is.

I think she may even have enough hair now to - gulp - braid it!

(Okay, I'm not going to rant about the hair she has on her back! I find it super cute.)

Tomorrow, we're going for a hair cut. It's not her first hair cut. I just figured if she's not going to have a lot of hair, and it's going to be short, it might as well be kind of styled short. So we've been getting hair cuts periodically.

Although, personally, I'm all into the little girls who have messy hair look. That kind of "I just got out of the ocean and I'm a surfer look."

Anyway, I figure after this hair cut tomorrow, it will finally grow in a bit longer. Cross fingers. Cross fingers.

It would just be kind of dissapointing to me if she finally got a lot of hair when she was 12, only to tell me that she wants to dye it blue.

Plus, us gals know how to braid for a reason. And if you can't braid your own daughter's hair, whose can you braid?


Blogger Laural said...

Too cute! I am kind of envious since i have a boy - but he went through a "sumo" wrestler phase where he wanted one ponytail sticking straight up at the top of his head. It was hilarious (tho his daycare teacher didnt think so and would always take it out!)
Glad you didnt give up blogging. So glad!

4:11 PM

Blogger Concerned Lumberjack said...

I had the opposite problem. Everyone thought I was a girl.

5:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having been constantly confused for a boy when I was a kid (my folks cut my hair short because it was easier for them to take care of), this brought tears to my eyes. OK, not so much, but I think it's important to teach our daughters feel good about themselves and feel pretty.

10:39 PM

Anonymous ali said...

oh man, i'm sooo with you.
Isabella is cue-ball bald.
and is always dressed super girlie...but everyone still thinks she's a boy. i can't wait until she has enough hair to...ack....braid!! ah!

7:25 AM

Anonymous Annemarie said...

My dictator-like daughter refuses to let me do anything to her hair, ever! She was almost bald til she was two, and though she now has a thick head of fabulous hair (if I do say so myself!) she won't let me touch it. So my hairdresser cuts it into what he calls her, 'summer surf cut' which we get lots of compliments on, but I'm itching to give her pigtails or a ponytail or braids. I have to restrict myself to putting her doll's hair into braids and making little fountain ponytails with the wispy hair on her little sister's head.

One day she let me put in ponytails and left them in for two whole minutes til someone said, 'Oh look, she looks just like Boo in Monster's Inc." When everyone turned to look she pulled them out. I guess I have to accept (yet again) that I have no control. . .

10:51 AM

Blogger Gabriella said...

Samantha has that surfer look and doesn't let me put it into a ponytail!

11:33 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

I have to laugh a little, my son was born (13 days ago, thank you) with enough hair to braid. It takes everything in me to restrain myself. The little girl dresses are calling to me too.

10:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was folically challenged until I was almost 3. All my baby pics show me with almost no hair but a barette that appears to be glued to my head .... that's the life of a daughter after three sons. Keep up the optimism - the long locks will come!

6:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the optometrists' office I picked up a magazine. Of all the mags, the one mag I picked up had you and The D. in it! (Canadian Family, May 07, I think.)
I really liked the article, and the photo was terrific! She looks like such a sweet girly girl, how could anyone mistake her for a boy?! And she has cute wavy curls! She is going to be a curly girly girl!

12:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw you in the Nat'l Post yesterday. You looked great!

12:47 PM

Anonymous Sarah said...

I have to say, I think those of us with bald babies have it made. It's a lot less work to wipe a cloth over their head than to have to wash out mashed peas and brush it daily! And the money we save on there's nothing better than rubbing your cheek on that soft warm sweet peach-fuzz head.

12:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say I sometimes envy those of you with the little girls with soft straight hair. My daughter came out with an afro (she's half black, half white)and I've been braiding ever since! The girl lives in cornrows and braids because just combing her hair requires her to hang her tiny head over the edge of the bathtub so we can soak her mop of hair and condition it enough to get a comb through it! Needless to say I have because a quite the braiding artist and can sympathies immensely with every black women out there now!

7:20 AM


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